Trash-Out Services by Peachtree Dumpsters

Peachtree Dumpsters offers trash-out services in the Atlanta metro area. We safely and efficiently remove furniture, appliances, carpet, debris, and other materials.  How does it work?

  1. Schedule a time and designate a location for trash-out services online or by calling our customer service phone number.
  2. Trash-out teams arrive at the designated location with trucks and equipment specifically designated for trash-out operations.
  3. Trash-out team safely and efficiently removes and disposes of all furniture, appliances, carpet, debris, and other materials that are found in your property, frequently abandoned homes or homes bought in foreclosure.

Peachtree Dumpsters also offers eviction services in the Atlanta metro area, allowing you to safely and efficiently remove personal belongings from a home, knowing the whole time that our team is appropriately managing the situation.  If you work with the local authorities, we’ll handle the difficult work.


Trash-Out Services


Eviction Services

Ordering is easy!

Schedule your trash-out time and location – online or via phone!

Trash-out team arrives at designated location and time.

All furniture, appliances, carpet, debris and other materials are removed and disposed!

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